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Steve Dotto
Steve Dotto

About the instructor

I'm Steve Dotto! Welcome to my course page.

By this point, you are probably wondering....

Who is this guy? Why should I trust him? Does he even know anything about technology? 

My entire adult career has been spent around tech:

  • Hosted Dotto's Data Cafe, Canada's leading tech show, from 1992-2010
  • Wrote about tech for the Vancouver Sun and Noth Shore News
  • Hosted a weekly radio show about technology for 8+ years
  • Created and grew a successful Youtube channel all about technology
  • Built a successful online business from scratch
  • Speak at conferences around the world about technology and building an online business

Everything I share with you, I've already tried and tested myself. I don't believe in passing on unproven, second-hand information. You can find that yourself using Google. 

Theory will only take you this far. Every course is packed with actionable steps you can take to start making improvements straight away. 

What others have been saying about this course:

John Stewart

Evernote Quick Start


Amy Demas

Great overview

I love how you give us "permission" to not have to build a big blueprint of setting it all up. It gives you freedom to not feel you have to design it so perfectly up front.

Keith Sanger

Getting Started

Well presented and a good introduction to the capabilities of Evernote.

Keith Hill

Evernote Quick Start

Thanks Steve for a great tutorial on Evernote. This together with yesterdays Webinar has helped me considerably. I am so glad I have stuck with you over the years since way back when you used to have the Show Dotto on Data. You are a great teac...

Eric Snyder

Eric Snyder's Review...

I got my welcome to Evernote message on Oct 28, 2008. So, I've been at it for quite a long while. I was still able to learn a few things that I will use everyday from your Quick Start. I'll be telling a few friends about this tutorial. T...

Dave Leetc

Nicos Sifakis

Michael Caruso

Great presentation!

Dudley Giles

Wish I'd seen this before I began my Evernote journey

Although I didn't learn anything new - I've been using Evernote for quite a long time - I do know that my Evernote journey would have been easier and quicker if I'd picked up on this Quick Start Course first. Well done Steve. Clear and concise as ...

Jana Rudisill

Loved it!

I had no idea what Evernote was until I saw one of your videos. This is a very nice, very detailed tutorial that even a beginner with this can understand.

Frank Barrett


The Evernote Quick Start was great and with the print out or save to Evernote. what a great deal. Thank you!

Erminio Di Lodovico

Great Job

It is the best "Quick Start" tutorial. Congratulations Steve! Your dedication is an example for all of us

Ann Coster

Good start, but anticipating

This was a very nice way to get started in Evernote -- especially the suggestion of titles for the first 3 notebooks AND the kinds of notes that will be helpful to me when I am out and about. I am anticipating how I can grow into this tool!

Larry Madeo


It was very useful.

Tammy White

Great Quick Start - I Want More!

This is a great quick start video and makes Evernote not quite so daunting. I am going to be looking on the DottoTech site and the YouTube account for more videos on Evernote. Steve has such a great training style, is clear, organized and has a ...

Shirley Williams

Sharon Williams

Evernote quick start

Great overall explanation of features using Evernote!

Pamela Kennar

Evernote Quick Start

Loved this course! Steve helped me walk thru Evernote with ease. I love the conversational style, and he makes learning a new system FUN! I now have the Evernote habit! Thank you, Steve!

Barry Dayton

Just the fact! Nice start. Thanks.

Gwyn Morris

great useful and usable info

Jeffrey DL

One of the best Evernote Overviews I have ever seen !!!

All the key features explained in simple, easy to understand format.......expertly delivered. Had my attention at max all the way. Brilliant!!!!

Peter Sim

Great intro

A mixture of short videos and summary text along with things to do is a really good introduction to using Evernote to organise yourself and be more productive. If I have one constructive piece of advice, I'd suggest that the presenter ends each...

Patrick Bonier

Saved me a lot of trial and error.

I had tried to use Evernote in the past, but always gave up because I was getting bogged down by forcing a structure onto it that didn't need to be there. This course took less than an hour and showed me that the excellent search feature in Everno...

David Holder

evernorte quick start


Tim Brunker

Great Starter

I've been using evernote for a while,but found that my journey would have been so much easier had i taken this short into before even opening the app.

Eddie Painter Painter

New user review

Just getting started this week on trying to really use Evernote. I have been intimitated to even start, as I have always thought the original implementation structure had to be really good, or it would just become a burden. Glad to hear that the...

Ednardo Soares


Hi, I'm from Brazil and I use Evernote since a while, but it happens that my collecting system turned into some mess, then I found your videos on YouTube and they are awesome as this course as well. Congratulations.

Ovidiu Bunea


10/10 Thank you!

Jeff Porterfield

Evernote Quick Start

Steve, well done. You don't allow the newbie to get bogged down in the weeds of EN, of which there are many. I particularly like your suggestion of using the !Personal and $Business tags for context. That's a great way to get started.

Colby Sharp

Evernote Quick Start