Making Money on YouTube

Making Money on YouTube

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Have you ever wondered if you can "really" make a living on YouTube?

Have you ever wondered how YouTubers make money?

Have you ever wondered just how much money YouTubers make? 

This minicourse has the answers to all those questions!

  • The mechanisms
  • The deals
  • The opportunity
  • The reality

You’ll discover the answers to questions like:

  • How do I monetize my channel?
  • How big does my channel need to be?
  • How much can I expect to make?
  • How long does it take to build a channel I can monetize?
  • How do I get paid?
  • Where can I find revenue sources?
  • What type of content should I make to be profitable?

Everything I share will be backed up by REAL numbers, not some fantasy figures designed to turn your head.

Where do the numbers come from? From using YouTube to build Dotto Tech from 0 to where it is today. 

What's included?

5 Videos
5 Texts
Steve Dotto
Steve Dotto

About the instructor

I'm Steve Dotto! Welcome to my course page.

By this point, you are probably wondering....

Who is this guy? Why should I trust him? Does he even know anything about technology? 

My entire adult career has been spent around tech:

  • Hosted Dotto's Data Cafe, Canada's leading tech show, from 1992-2010
  • Wrote about tech for the Vancouver Sun and Noth Shore News
  • Hosted a weekly radio show about technology for 8+ years
  • Created and grew a successful Youtube channel all about technology
  • Built a successful online business from scratch
  • Speak at conferences around the world about technology and building an online business

Everything I share with you, I've already tried and tested myself. I don't believe in passing on unproven, second-hand information. You can find that yourself using Google. 

Theory will only take you this far. Every course is packed with actionable steps you can take to start making improvements straight away. 

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