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Steve Dotto
Steve Dotto

About the instructor

I'm Steve Dotto! Welcome to my course page.

By this point, you are probably wondering....

Who is this guy? Why should I trust him? Does he even know anything about technology? 

My entire adult career has been spent around tech:

  • Hosted Dotto's Data Cafe, Canada's leading tech show, from 1992-2010
  • Wrote about tech for the Vancouver Sun and Noth Shore News
  • Hosted a weekly radio show about technology for 8+ years
  • Created and grew a successful Youtube channel all about technology
  • Built a successful online business from scratch
  • Speak at conferences around the world about technology and building an online business

Everything I share with you, I've already tried and tested myself. I don't believe in passing on unproven, second-hand information. You can find that yourself using Google. 

Theory will only take you this far. Every course is packed with actionable steps you can take to start making improvements straight away. 

What others have been saying about this course:

Ryan Sparkman


This course flows so smoothly! The time spent in each lesson is short enough to keep things moving and the student absorbing the material. Wonderfully organized.

Mark Johnson

Good title, accurate description of the content of this course.

There was a lot of great content. Steve's instructions are easy to follow and definitely expand on what I knew about online video publishing. The pace of learning is good and I like that I can review the lessons, pause and rewind it if I wanted ...

Peggy Oliver

Fabulous Info!

I am excited to see this process simplified! Very cool indeed. Thank you for sharing! ..

Dale Anderson

This course is fast paced and I missed my snoozing...kept me on my toes

Obviously Steve has got this all together and going nicely, I was not looking for this type of extensive tutorial, but ended up viewing it and once it started, I had to continue and finish, well done sir!

Jim Brown

A very good overview

I thought this was a very good overview of what is possible with Screencasting. Plus some very usable tips for free.

Wendy Glavin

First Video

I felt it was a bit too long. I was trying to get to, "How to create online video" free and fast. I got the point in the first minute or so. I know that video marketing is a huge driver of engagement. I would like to know the "How" of creating ...

Bradley Sawler

A little extra to the screencasting video on youtube and the course sales pitch

I had previously watched the screencasting webinar on the youtube channel and the bulk of this mini-course was that, but with a good intro on the process.

Maura Smith-Mitsky

Publishing tricks

Fantastic. I learned. Didn’t know that Evernote had an inbox. I use it in an iPad and an iPhone 6s Plus. ❤️❤️

Mark Zup

Great information on learning how to screencast!

Great information Steve! I love your presentation style. This video answered a lot of my questions on what, why and how to get started making tutorial videos. Thanks a Zillion! -MarkZup


Great Intro to Screencasting

Steve is a very compelling teacher and has a great way to get you started!

Elizabeth Ferguson

It got me to watch it - in addition to having already happily watched a number of other Dotto Tech productions

Very informative. There was a great deal of information - all of which, along with the sales pitch at the end, explains why it would make sense to take your course. I'm sold. However, I am not ready to begin yet, We will be liquidating a major...

Michael Procopio


Michael Stark

First Day

Good overall review of the recommended hardware/software and office set up. Really good pointers and items to consider to get the set up right before you start producing real video content worth viewing.

vince kleinknecht

Well Done

Mark Caudle

Wonderful overview

A minicourse with lots of very valuable information on creating and sharing online video. Steve does a wonderful job of showcasing what is possible and provides a great overview of the process, with some interesting details on equipment and softw...

Abhi Das

Great Course

I learn so many things from this course.